The James River is fondly referred to by many as Americas "founding river" this mighty body of water has seen scores of battles, pirates, sea creatures and has been the setting of tales that keep the treasure hunters of the world up at night gnawing on their blankets. My trusty treasure hunting comrade Jarred Vandemark and I have chosen to resurrect some of these priceless artifacts from their watery graves.

We are equipped with only the finest technology. Detecting Gold and other valuable ore with our dual Fisher 1280X submersible metal detectors.

Evolution (or God if you live in the Bible belt or just choose to neglect science) punished us with the inability to breath underwater. For this reason we have acquired a "third lung" or air compression system that grants us the inhuman ability to remain submerged for up to 2 hours.

Our first expedition yielded a few discoveries (pictured below) that caught the attention of the Smithsonian Institute. 


The first haul: ancient music box (center) and tiny computer (bottom right).


Big Treasure weekend with Jared Vandemark. Ton of invaluable loot. Christies called and wants to auction off some of our lead. Pretty sweet. Going back in a few weekends for the gold. I forgot how to load pictures. 

Big Treasure development. Just acquired a Farallon MK IV DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) to get us to the treasure quicker. Currently in the process of restoration. Stay tuned (I know nobody looks at this but me and maybe my brother and Ray although this is a way to document life without posting my every waking moment on facebook) that being said this thing is f*cking awesome.