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Badass adrenaline rush.

End War profiteering or at least remain abreast of it.

Honey Badger don't give a shit.

Dillan Ratigan and this guy need to co-host a show.

You cant tell me that the pope isnt the scariest looking old guy on the planet. Where did they find this saintly fellow?

To Protect and Serve...only one year in prison? Whaaa?

Ok this doco is complete madness 2 "invincible" twin sisters keep running into crazy traffic, jumping off overpasses and stabbing people. Reeks of Manchurian Candidate, I dont really believe that but this sh*t is nuts. (FTR I have no affiliation with the host site)


Pretty sure this is why people are still getting sentenced to jail for marijuana.

This speech is accurate and should be broadcast on all MSM (main stream media). If you click this link watch the whole speech. Your life will be exposed to 4 min of truth. 12-23

Bill Dance is amazing. I watched this video about 1 million times.12-14-09

Gotta be in the right state of mind to appreciate this one, but I find it highly enjoyable, slow motion kids are tops. 11-26-09

A throwback from the summer. Boos Bday. An hour prior we were sitting at Sticky Rice trying to come up with a special way to commemorate his 25th. Solution: Gasoline soaked fire pit and a Roman Candle fully loaded from the roof. Tuesday night 1:30AM residential neighborhood. Jrods neighbors love him. Nice shot BA. 11-12-09

Straight reppin' the 804... 9-29

I think this is hilarious. If you dont, one of us needs to redefine humor. 9-27-9

Yep Talking Animals is really taking a turn for the worst...8-16-09

God I love this car chase, the woman actually gets out and yells at the cops while her car starts to drive away. Great testament to the Scion as well. 8-9-9

More people should go out like this, dignity and love triumph over a pre-ordained belief system. 7-14 

I cant believe organized religion is this much fun. Maybe I should try it again. 7-10

History You gotta love this stuff!!!!! 6-03-09

You know I feel like something is wrong about this. The Federal Reserve lost 3 TRILLION dollars. Lost it! Where is the outrage no less accountability? Not exciting to watch but needs a forum. 5-26-9 

Yes, this guy obviously has a serious drinking problem but this disease is overshadowed by the hilarity of his head banging the trashcan. Go Ravens, Ca Caaaaw! 5-15-9

Sappy moment on Louie Kablooie. Every encounter... ... ... counts? 4-9-9

Dang nothing cuter than the cat hanging from the branch was ever supposed to grace the pages of but this little girl deserves recognition she puts a smile on the face of death...

3-30  Vince "offer" Shlomi (Sham Wow & Slap Chop guy) gets arrested for battering a hooker, are there any heroes left?

3-27 Trash Safari with Jrod yields great reward followed by an act of kindness JC would be proud of.

3-8 George Galloway owns the US Senate by actually speaking veritas

3-1 Rourke is the shit...

2-16- Global Climate Destabilization a high school Science teacher weighs it out for us, not whether or not it exists but risk aversion and the consequences of inaction. Skip the introduction of American Idol tonight and give this guy 7 minutes of influence...

2-14- I stopped watching TV four days ago, we need to wake up

2-3- Little kid all whacked out after a trip to the dentist

Deepak on Life and Death. forward to 6 or 7 and tune out. 1/22/09

Feces Throwing Monkey on the Loose in Miami- WATCH OUT 

This is what Jose Voltron is going to make for the Stuperbowl 1-18-09

Paralyzed with FEAR